Helstegt dyreryg

Helstegt dyreryg


1 hel hjorteryg med ben, cirka 2 kg
2 spsk olivenolie salt
friskkværnet sort peber
6 kviste timian

50 g hasselnødder
2 tykke skiver rugbrød
300 g grønkål
50 g dadler uden sten
1 lille rødløg
1 dl god mayonnaise lavet på rigtige  æggeblommer
1 spsk æbleeddike
1 spsk dijonsennep salt og peber

400-500 g rørhatte, kantareller eller østershatte
2 fed hvidløg
2 spsk olivenolie
1 dl hvidvin
½ bundt  bredbladet persille
2 tsk citronsaft salt og peber


Helstegt dyreryg:

Varm ovnen op til 250 grader.

Læg dyre- ryggen i en bradepande.

Pensl med olie, og krydr med salt og peber.

Steg dyreryggen i 8 minutter.

Skru ovnen ned til 150 gra- der, og luk lidt af varmen ud. Drys timiankviste på dyreryggen, og steg den i cirka 8 minutter, eller til centrumtemperaturen på det tyndeste sted på ryggen er 55 grader. Tag ryggen ud, og lad den trække i 5-10 minutter, inden den skæres ud.


Rist nødderne i ovnen på en bageplade i cirka 10 minutter  ved 180 grader, til skallen let kan nulres af. Lad dem køle af, gnid skallen af i et rent viskestykke, og hak dem groft. Skær rugbrødet i små tern, og bred dem ud på en bageplade. Lad dem tørre i ovnen i 10-15 minutter.

Skyl kålen grundigt, rib den, og hak den fint. Skær dadlerne i tynde skiver. Hak løget fint.

Rør mayonnaisen med æbleeddike og sennep. Vend grønkål, løg, nødder og dadler sammen med dressingen, og smag til med med salt og peber. Anret salaten på et fad, og drys med rugbrødstern.


Skær svampene i 2 cm-tykke skiver eller tern på 2 x 2 cm. Halvér hvidløgsfeddene. Varm olien op på en pande sammen med hvidløgene. Fjern hvidløgene, og steg rørhattene i olien ved middelhøj varme i 3-4 minutter. Tilsæt hvidvin, og lad rørhattene simre i 5 minutter. Tilsæt hakket persille, og smag saucen til med citronsaft, salt og peber.

Servér ryggen med svampesauce, grønkålsalat og kogte kartofler.

Fundet på klosterhedensvildt.dk


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  2. Yup! This is how my house stays clean! Nobody gets to live here for “free”! Everyone is expected to to chores and they know they won’t be paid for them! Chores start at age 2 and they get inspected for quality. The best is when you assign the kids to inspect each other’s work, they’re way harsher than I would ever be the little ones love being able to tell the big ones “you missed a spot!”

  3. These can be mites, carpet beetles which are TINY, booklice. Especially in moisture humidity areas. One of THE best things you can do is have ur washer taken apart and cleaned out. They get very moldy n mildewed n the yuck factor is a horror show. Mould mites n grain mites can set in. Have it cleaned. You need a spanner wrench for like nine dollars.

  4. Otto thanks for your script work. I’ve Itunes 8. I’ve severals dead tracks on my ipod, but when i run your script, I recieve the messages “No dead tracks were found”. Maybe it’s not compatible with itunes 8 (also I update the software of my ipod). Thanks Indeed

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  6. I think I may have an explanation for this. These pieces of lint are small white hairy spiders, legs streched out several could be placed across a finger nail. The bight feels like a very tiny pin prick. They bight and then ball up, a common defence with spiders. Because of their small size and hairy legs and body they look like lint in this balled up state. Because these are spiders, they will inject a small amount of venom each time they bite. This would account for some of the other symptoms being presented. Hope this is of help to you.

  7. @SharynOh my goodness!! finally someone describes what I have in my house. at first you see what looks like floating fibers, that sting i mite add, and small white lint bugs. they are worse on cotton. the more cotton in the fabric, the more you see. i am throwing away tons of clothes because they are ruining them, shirts and towels mostly, but anything that has cotton. the fibers sting and the white lint bites. i have found many of the balls of lint have black specks on them. i have found one article called the invisible bug, it gives a very accurate account for describing the lint. I took samples to the “bug people” for the county, after him not finding anything, he pretty much shut me out. I could tell he wasn’t listening and then he suggested i see a doctor, it was probably allergies. i am frustrated to the hilt. every piece of clothing or towel I use has to be rolled with a lint roller then shaved with a cloth shaver…i’m hitting dead ends, and this effects my daily life so much…if i find anything out i will certainly let you know…this really sucks, especially when people quit listening to you and more so DO NOT BELIEVE YOU…

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